I’m from a small midwestern town called Industry, Illinois. My mother taught K-12 for decades. She’s still a creative dynamo. I blame my father for my love of cars. He’s owned something like a dozen convertibles and several other interesting vehicles. His condition may be hereditary.

As a student, I’d often entertain myself drawing cars or unflattering cartoons of my teachers. This often inspired comments like “That’s nice, but how will you earn a living after graduation?” I kept drawing though, earned an art degree from Western Illinois University, and began pursuing my art career. I still love to diagram sentences and solve algebraic word problems but if I want to pay the mortgage, I usually need to draw a few cars.

Lately, my main job has been to create original illustrations and designs that promote car shows and other automotive events. Also, I’ve worked hard for opportunities to work creatively for themed entertainment companies like Disney, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens and SeaWorld. Freelance work keeps me increasingly busy at home in DeLand, Florida.